MurPay Text Message Features and Responses

Text to "304050" and then add the below as the message of the text

Upon initial sign-up, you will receive 2 text messages.

  • The first will say, "Purchase with MurPay for the best fuel price guarantee. Standard msg rates may apply"
  • The second will say, "Welcome to Murpay! Unlimited alerts per month. Rply STOP 2 cancel SMS Mktg Msgs. Rply HELP 4help. Standard msg rates may apply."

MurPay uses premium text messaging, be sure your cell phone accepts premium text messages.

What you TEXT What happens Response
"HELP" Receive standard response of what MurPay is "MurPay for best fuel prices and price alerts. Txt STOP 2 cancel SMS Mktg. Txt HELP COMMANDS for possible commands. Contct 1-800-843-4298 for more help. Standard msg rates may apply."
"HELP COMMANDS" Will list all possible MurPay text commands
"HELP xxxx" where "xxx" is a specific command Will describe the specific function of the command entered
"MURPAY" Will issue a new "MurPay code". If no amount is specified, it will allow the maximum based on purchase limits. Code:xxxxxx Amount:$xx. Standard message rates may apply
"MURPAY 20" You can also state the amount to set a maximum financial limit of the MurPay Code. MURPAY 20. (to set purchase limit to $20.00) **enter whole numbers only** Code:xxxxxx Amount:$xx. Standard message rates may apply
"FREEZE" Freeze will stop any action on your account. If there is fueling or a purchase in progress, it will complete. No new MurPay codes will be issued or accepted. "Your account has been frozen." Standard message rates may apply.
"RELEASE" Release "unfreezes an account". A frozen account will be able to start processing again. "Your account has been released." Standard message rates may apply.
"STOP" Stop will prevent any more promotional messages coming to your cell phone from MurPay. "You have been removed from the marketing system. Contact 1-800-843-4298 for more help."
"STOP to 687749" This is a STOP message sent to Murphy USA. It will stop all marketing texts. It will not impact MurPay codes. "You have been removed from the marketing system. Contact 1-800-843-4298 for more help."
"CANCEL xxxxxx" (where xxxxxx is a specific MurPay code) Cancel will delete the specified existing MurPay code from your account. "MurPay Code xxxxxx has been removed" -or- "There is a problem canceling the MurPay Code, please contact 1-800-843-4298."
CANCEL ALL Will cancel all pending (unused) MurPay codes from your account. x MurPay codes have been removed.
TIME xxxxxx Will tell you how many more minutes remain on a MurPay code before it expires.MurPay codes expire at 24 hours if not used. "MurPay code nnnnnn has xxxx minutes remaining." -or- "MurPay Code xxxxxx doesn't exist or has expired"
STATUS Will show you the status of your account and list any pending MurPay codes you have requested. "Account active" and list MurPay codes - OR- "Your account has not been approved or is not active for MurPay transactions. Contact 1-800-843-4298 for help." Standard msg rates may apply.
If a non standard message is received to "304050" "This is an invalid message. Please use a valid message format."
If you fail the Certegy enrollment verification "Your account has Failed check verification, please call 1-800-347-8992, Certegy help desk, with your name, driver's license, addr, phone, birthdate, bank, and social security. See website FAQ for more details"
If one has exceeded the allowable limits (i.e. only allowed $100 a day, and tried to exceed that). This could be in one transaction or in multiples combined for that day. "There is a problem with your account in regards to your limits. Please contact 1-800 843-4298 to resolve the issue. Thank you for using MurPay."